Cary Grant…..looks like another heading for the bin…..Opinions…..Thanks

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I'd hold up on throwing this one out, David.  At first glance, I don't like the way that the "r" touches the "a" in "Grant"....but otherwise it looks like it's in the ballpark.

Let's see what others say.

Etienne, My problem with this is the same "r" to "a" connection. It should connect like the "C to a" in Cary, and the "h to a" in Chapin. Maybe this does not fit in the typical box…thanks for the look.

I was going to chime in with the “r” to “a” connection too. Grant changed up his style once in a while so not too alarmed about that. Grant almost always wrote “Cordially” on autographs and that word is spot on.

I also agree that you should hold off on throwing it out there is a possibility. This is a perfect example of spending a small fee on a quick opinion to be sure. Grant autographs can be pricey.

Nick, thanks for the look.

This reminds me of the reality that everyone's signature varies a bit each time they sign.... even the gods and goddesses of the silver screen!

Sometimes, all things being equal after study, you just have to trust your gut instincts.

Etienne, in the last few weeks I was collecting exemplars and prices of sold celebrities from named auction houses. Today I started putting them in my exemplar library and literally ran across this example…what timing.

Well, that's a whole other kettle of fish!   Is this from the "Saul Goodman" signed photo collection from the 1930's?   

I'd like to begin a blog discussion about Grant's autograph, actually.  There are a few variables involved with his signing habits. 

Etienne, I could not say it is from that specific collection. Just an exemplar I collected.

All 3 of these "a"'s match in slant, form, negative space and relative size. The OP has 4  different "a"'s. Just an observation.

If you have a chance, take a look at the PSA Grant exemplars that Steve C. linked.  Grant was rather inconsistent in his "a"s .... including on the same dedicated/signed item.

+1 Entienne,

And sometimes he signed Cary with a capital R and sometimes he signed Grant with a small R. 

Etienne, In my OP and Saul post you can see the "r to a" in Grant just stop, I guess I am use to seeing that same span done without lifting the pen.



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