Ive had these signatures since 1999 and got them from the same guy I buy all my autographs from , Mike from rockrattlenroll. These were my first autos that I ever purchased and have never questioned their authenticity but since I might be trading or selling I wanted to get an opinion before selling  . I also had them custom framed at Enchanted Galleries when I worked next door to them at The Sharper Image in Dallas. Guitar pick was also sold to me by Mike. . Any opinions are welcome.  

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Look good to me

If the Clapton is good, it's a style I haven't seen before. This is as close as I can find:

I can't help on Slash.

Does Mike guarantee his autographs? I can see a good dealer missing this over 10 years ago...if it's bad as I suspect. I doubt it was intentional.

I don't know if I'd want to return it being 12 years and all .. I spent a fortune having it framed and If it is fake I would be disappointed but wouldn't hold it against Mike and it wouldnt be the end of the world . Its not the first time Ive found out something I thought was real wasn't, but not from him. It was a Bob Dylan I got in 2001 online. I had a good laugh ,though . Some times you just gotta laugh at yourself for being gullible. He is a great guy and has sold me some great stuff in in the past and would doubt it was intentional as well. Thanks for looking Steve. 

Here is the Bob Dylan travesty . I didnt buy an autograph online until 8 years after. Pretty sad , though

Look how the signature on the LOA and photo look the same.

True :)

I'd be lying if I said I didnt hope the Clapton and Slash turn out to be real , though..... Maybe Roger might think different , ya never know . But I do respect your opinion, Steve . As much as ive gathered by reading  much of the post on this site, you've been pretty solid on most of your opinions and some have been downright impressive . Cheers 

Thanks, Cooper. What this shows is how important looking at thousands of an artists signatures over the years is.

Both of these are absolutely REAL!

Thanks, Roger. Have you seen that style of Clapton or can you tell it's good from recognizing his writing? I looked at a lot of them but I didn't find one with the crossbar of the E like that.

You are correct that the crossbar is rushed but everything else is spot on for the era.  1994 was a pivital era for his signature going through changes as 1995 he started to shorten it quite a bit more.


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