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Hi. Is anyone familiar with the company Classic Sports Collectibles out of New Jersey? I do not think it is in operation anymore and could find no info about who owned it, or discussions on this site. Thanks.

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I could not agree more.  Again, researching the blatant forgeries on ebay, the bulk are bought by newbies who just assume that ebay is acting as a watchdog. "Nothing could be further from the truth" kind of says it all.  In my opinion, and it's just my opinion, 85% of the non-certified (and I don't mean certified by forgers) autographs offered on ebay are fake.  It's just so easy! It's a crime which offers huge returns and absolutely no risk. You literally cannot be caught. If you went to the FBI you could only provide circumstantial evidence. I wish I had a solution. I've thought long and hard on the problem but haven't come up with anything; for the time being, anyone buying on ebay (and I do), the mantra is assume it's fake unless proven otherwise.

If by ''to those who don't know autographs'' you mean those who don't know sports autographs, then you're correct, since I collect almost exclusively music autographs.

Maybe there are more forgeries than back in the Operation Bullpen era, but I think it depends more on the celebrity rather than the market. With music autographs you can still find many legitimate stuff being sold online, depending on the musician.

Dunno about sports too much, but with Mantle being dead for over 20 years, it makes sense that most of what's for sale by Mantle is a fake. Still, these are really good fakes.

BTW on Operation Bullpen there's a detective named Tim Fitzsimmons hehe

Speaking of Mr. Fitzsimmons.   Below is a photo of my Tim Fitzsimmons autographed "Operation Bullpen" book that he sent to me over ten years ago.    It is one of my most cherished items in my collection.

Here's another forged Mickey Mantle photo with a worthless COA from Classic Sports Collectibles.

Forged Mantle and DiMaggio with a worthless COA from Classic Sports Collectibles.

Here's a forged Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio photo with a worthless COA from Classic Sports Collectibles.

Forged Mantle.

More crap with that worthless COA from Classic Sport Collectibles.


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