Can you believe these guys have the NERVE to post a Babe Ruth signed baseball WITH A F***ING INSCRIPTION OF 10/1/1932 ( THE DAY HE CALLED HIS SHOT).  They always have the craziest inscriptions.  Can you imagine what this ball would be worth if it were authentic.  100,000 dollars?   

I've seen their crap for years ( Bonnie and Clyde on more than one instance. 

I've seen a Thomas Jefferson inscribed with Third United States President

I've seen it all....and i'm fed up

How in the name of God are they getting away with this fraud each and every month?  There is no question they have scammed in the 10's of millions of dollars since their inception.  Hell, maybe more than 10 or 20 million.  At any rate, can someone explain why isn't law enforcement involved?  It seems unreal that the authorities wouldn't get involved.


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What a steaming pile of crap.  Sure he inscribed "Dodgers".....SURE HE DID

How about a Lou Gehrig to match the Babe Ruth and of course this one is dated to the day Ruth called his shot.  Look at the hand writing closely....tell me what you see.  Look at the way the forger writes the # 2.  IDENTICAL to the RUTH FORGERY at the top of the page! 

The worst Joe Montana forgeries from Coaches Corner.  This is in the TOP 5 most horrible Montana forgery I have seen in my life.  Just pathetic!

I remember they offered a Ruth forgery with the inscription, "I called my shot" If the one they have up this month were real, it would no doubt surpass 500K at auction. It would be the only baseball known to have been signed that day! Everyone involved in their Empire should have been in federal prison decades ago! Just take a look at Lee Trythall and Scott Malack's on social media to see what type of lifestyle they live. All of them are muli-millionaires. Lee constantly takes his sons on trips to watch football games, vacations ect. Scott is always bragging about his car collection and the amount of quality women that keeps him company. They all seem to eat at the nicest restaurants and sit in the high rollers section at all casinos. It's disgusting!

They will have their day and we'll all sit back and smile.

But who in the world buys this garbage? Usually, people with money are not so gullible I would think. Why wouldn't they go to a more reputable auction house like Leland's for instance? This just amazes me.

Lol this stuff is such laughable garbage.

did they have sharpies back in 1932?

No, Sharpies were invented in 1964. 

So they are living the high life and the sad part is the hundreds of thousands of forgeries they have made up devalue real graphs
This Ruth has me very upset. I called them and the lady said the ball was consigned to them and comes with letter from Ted Taylor for authenticity purposes. She then said he is a renowned.authenticator. These people are insane

The problem is Jason they clearly have links or involvement with people who can take action but won't. By saying it has a COA etc they get to pass on the responsibility and keep ripping people off



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