Don't know if this subject has been covered before but if not.... any suggestions and comparable prices out there in autograph land for collectors?  Insurers for Dealer Inventories or property used in commercial transactions should be noted accordingly to eliminate confuse with collector's insurance..


There use to be some that covered itemized line items that deduct from the overall coverage along with trading cards for shrinkage, water loss and a whole host of other hazards.


I've used Association Insurance Administrators out of Davidson NC  that at one time covered the full gamut but over time their underwriters have changed hands....  They seem pretty good but then again everyone is pretty good until claims are processed and I am happy to say that has yet to happen.


Noticed in this renewal their policy lists Lloyds of London collectables as the policy writer.


just for comparison on their price points;


50k has a $163,00 annual premium, 100k $288, 150k $413, 200k  $538 and anything above just call....



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Colectibles insurance inc. .....dan walker....been with him for about 30 years!
thanks Rez... where are they out of as there appear to be lots of CI Inc. popping up in google =or= a link if you have one handy.
Is dan walker still connected with CI? I thought he was the original owner but had sold it and now it is owned by a privately held wholesale broker who purchased it in 2006 although they still use the CI moniker. I heard he was active at shows for awhile but he is no longer the owner or in a management capacity as I understand but could be off on the latter.
We use Collectables Insurance as well.
I use Collect Insure too, they are great. Until I used them, I went through Hartford and realized years later that they consider autographs, basically worth the paper they are printed on!!!!! so, if you lost a GW signed document, what is the paper and ink worth!?!?!?!

Dan is great, I had a client who filled a claim from Hurricane Katrina and was covered!
Thanks so far.... They seem a bit pricey although perhaps u get what you pay for;

on a $75,000 example with full safeguards and no off storage with full burglary coverage it has an annual premium of $435.00 although the rate chart indicates $380.00 and then add this sliding policy fee of $55.00.

abit pricey in contrast to AIA and I don't understand why the need for a policy premium sliding kicker although a few states seem to limit the maximum fee's charged.
Collectable insurance is expensive, period. Really read the policy too before signing up. I use Collectable Insurance as I really like thier travel and shipping coverage. I have yet had to use them but I disagree that they think autographs are just paper. That would be like saying guitars are just wood and metal. They also cover my vintage guitar collection. Most are very picky though when it comes to theft over fire damage. Read this part very closely. They also want as much kept in a safe as possible to lower the premium.
RE - good points all. Must be a pretty damn big safe! I will go and acquire a copy of the Lloyds of London policy since I think thats a recent add for AIA. The AIA premiums appear to be very reasonable. in contrast let's hope the coverage agrees.
ITT Hartfords underwriter told me this believe it or not, which is why I dropped them after 15 years with them
No coverage for mysterious disappearance ....I will try to get Dan to weigh in here
We appreciate your interest in protecting your collection with Collectibles Insurance Services. Whether you are a collector, dealer or both we provide unique protection to meet your needs. Consider these facts:

My collection is covered by my homeowners’ insurance.

The FACTS: In most cases, your homeowners' is designed to cover personal property and is not nearly enough to protect your collection.

No insurance policy would cover my unique collection.

The FACTS: Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC covers most types of collections for a wide range of losses.

Insuring my collection will cost me a fortune.

The FACTS: A collectibles policy is typically less costly than scheduling items on your homeowners insurance. Call us today to get a quote on your prized collection.

I'll have to itemize every item in my collection and get it appraised to get insurance.”

The FACTS: No appraisals are necessary. You estimate the value of your collection and determine the amount of insurance. Although an inventory is not always required at the time of application to purchase insurance, Collectibles Insurance Services strongly recommends its customers maintain an inventory to streamline, provide proof, and expedite claims in the event of a loss.


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