Hi AML members,

hope you are all well and enjoyed the Easter period. I need some authenticity opinions on the following collection of signed cuts if possible. 22x autos.
Any help/opinions of authenticity much appreciated. 

Kind regards,


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The Jodie Foster is 100% authentic.   I have several in my collection that were IP and yours is a perfect match.   No doubts

Thanks for your input Jason. Hopefully more will comment :) 

Since this site nowaday is pretty much only about cheap signed CD:s, unfortunally it has become much more difficult to get help regarding authencity.

I can’t help since I have to little knowledgable about these graphs, but hopefully someone else will my friend!

Thanks Cogo much appreciated 

Really COGO , is that what this site has become? Bizarre that you feel that way. I love when people post signed CDs we can order. It's one of many things I like about this site.

@Josh: please see my separate thread about this, I’ll start it soon. I don’t want to spam this thread with a discussion that has nothing to do with the OPs subject.



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