Sold on Fake-Bay for $138.05 with 43 bids and 10 bidders. This well known, easy to spot fake, comes complete with a GLOBAL COA. Should Be a Global LOL, because it's so damned funny that anyone with just one pea for a brain, would think this is a Joe Dimaggio signature is authentic 

This Authentic Joe Dimaggio ended the same day for only $67.00, with only 2 bidders. NO COA though.... LOL But it's authentic!!!!!!! Has the hobby fell this fast and hard? Fee bay is pathetic. When are they going to acknowledge the GAI GA Swingin the alphabet scam?

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I bought an authentic Joe D last week for $59. Laughable what these morons spend on garbage. All they have to do is GOOGLE before they blow their money! We have tried to make it easy!

you really can still get bargains on Fee bay, if you know what you are doing and are patient.

No doubt about that, Terrier.

I don't feel sorry one little bit for people who have absolutely no common sense.

Ebay seller 500homerunclub sold that ugly and obvious Joe DiMaggio forgery.

Sellers of forgeries know that Ebay is heavily populated with suckers and wannabe autograph collectors.

It is no "coincidence" that this seller chose that eBay ID "500homerunclub". It also is no "coincidence" that they have private feedback. 

That's quite few coininky dinks there.... and yes, fee bay is certainly "heavily populated" with suckers. 

Thew same person who penned that Joe DiMaggio forgery sold by Ebay seller 500homerunclub, also penned the below Joe DiMaggio forgery sold by Ebay seller Floyd6294 for $179.00.

This is exactly why sellers of forgeries list their crap on EBay.  They know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will purchase their garbage.

Who in their right mind would spend $179.00 on the below and obvious Joe DiMaggio forgery sold by Ebay seller Floyd6294.

it's Amazing that the Joe Dimaggio fakes are going for 179.00  these days. Har har harde har har. You'd be hard pressed to get 90.00 for an authentic one, but slap a fake GAI GA Cert and whammo...some moronic Fee bay buyer get hammered up the "you know where".

It's a good day to be a Fee-Bay seller of forgeries these days. Buy them for $20-$30 on numerous sites that sell nothing but fakes and sell them for fun and profit on e-bay. Then just turn your head like a complete dummie and ignore the truth by wanting to believe they're real. I want to believe that the Easter Bunny is coming April 5th, but that doesn't make it so.

I couldn't resist, It's almost Easter!

It really is incredible that these morons (or scammers) would buy crap like that for $179.00.

Ebay seller Floyd6294 is also selling the below Mickey Mantle forgery with a COA from GAI (Mike Baker).

As we all know, GAI certed thousands of forgeries before they went bankrupt.

Ebay seller 500homerunclub is also selling the below Mickey Mantle forgery.



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