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How do you figure?

They’re already selling for ~$1000. Initial burst of available copies will fizzle out. Precedent with his other signed books selling for $1000 each (this set has 2). Plus the dude is old and a legend.

This is 100% accurate. Just like anything, the initial supply and the race to the bottom on EBay will slowly sell out. Then these will become more desirable day by day.

Interesting -- that seems counter-intuitive to me. Especially now that BAM orders are shipping out, more people will get them, so wouldn't that drive the price lower? For now, signed copies in North America have been limited to a sprinkling at Barnes and Noble and a few brick-and-mortar stores.  We also don't know where Indigo stands; there could be yet even more copies floating in the ether.   (Note: I only have one copy and intend on keeping it.)

I don’t think the BAM release is enough to move the needle. I think there’s less than 1000 American copies, and that’s not a lot.

Individual signed copies of books like Cities of the Plain bring $450-550 at a similar rarity.  So I don't think $1000-$1200 is a crazy estimate of long-term value. 

Things that are scarcer usually drop as everyone who bought to flip rushes to offload them.  But as collectors who want the item in their collection buy them and stash them away the number of available copies for purchase dwindle and the prices climbs.   This is why when everyone and their brother was pre-selling their Amazon, Amazon fr, and B&N orders that the flippers drove the Ebay price into the low 300s.

When those eBay sellers cancelled all those orders the prices on eBay skyrocketed by 150%.  I expect that Indigo cancelling orders (which they will) will cause it to bump up more as there will be scarcely any left on a primary market and people who consider it a must have start buying up $800+ Ebay inventory. 

It's like the Grohl book from last year on steroids.  Flippers eager to make a quick buck drove then down to $60ish.  Once that wave of inventory displayed- they've essentially doubled from there.  

Lemuria Books auctioned off a few copies of the McCarthy boxset and they went for well over $1,200, with one going for $1,800.

Glad I got mine for $56 at McNally Jackson in NYC after it had already been on sale for over a week.

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Just got an email from Indigo stating that they received these and that my order is being prepared.

Please do not let this be April Fools, I did not receive any email from them yet. I almost bit on one of the overpriced secondary market copies until I came to my senses and realised family comes first. The anticipation is killing me.

Did you email them originally to inquire or was this a random/standard email? I haven’t heard anything.

Ugh I apologize. The email from Indigo was a response to an inquiry I had about these. I saw my original order in the email stating that these were being prepared, but that was not a new message. So to be clear, I did NOT receive any confirmation from Indigo. Sorry about that. 

I dont see why these would be arriving to Indigo so late. I think these will ultimately cancel, my order included. 




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