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I agree.No matter how much you would like to keep it sealed,can you only imagine if you decided to wait years to open it only to find out it wasn't signed! Also who would ever buy it in the open market with the knowledge of knowing it might not be signed.There's so many things that could go wrong not verifying it as signed,it's not really worth it at least IMO to keep it sealed. If it makes you feel any better just keep the clear wrapping tight to the box and remove just the cellophane from the books carefully.(My 2 cents)

I just noticed that one of those stickers was not like the others.

More are out there. 

Did BAM put their own barcodes on top of the barcode stickers that already signify the signed editions?

Looks like they put their own barcode for isbn 9780593537299 on their copies. These barcodes were placed on top of both 9780593537565 or 9780593537299 stickers (and the one unsigned copy above).

Im assuming they got both 9780593537565 or 9780593537299 isbn copies and for inventory purposes had to relabel. Some unsigned got mixed in I guess. This might explain the delay.

My Amazon FR order is still *technically* alive. Did anyone actually receive from Amazon at all?

If Amazon US orders were canceled-the Amazon.FR orders are basically dead.  They just haven't signed the death certificate metaphorically speaking.

Not all us amazon ordered were canceled.   Most, but not all.  I ordered 14 separate orders.  My first 2 are still alive. 

Yeah my order still alive

Not cancelled doesn't necessarily equal shipping.  With these, until you have it in hand-nothing is definite.   But I think it's almost a definite the France orders are dead if it's a US edition and they cancelled the vast majority of the U.S. orders.  

I think it’s dead too. I’m just finding it odd than no Amazon orders shipped.

I just received an email from that the order is canceled per lack of availability. 



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