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From what I can see, my first impression is this is not real.  Looks somewhat slowly drawn to me.  Griffith was quick and rather chaotic typically.   

Writing instrument used?  Can't tell for sure in the image.

Member Nick D. knows Griffith.  Maybe he'll weigh in.

Thank you for your reply~

I wish Nick D. can give me some answers~

I have a Saved Search on eBay for Griffith autographs because I’m looking for one. I saw this one come up and was a little skeptical of it and the seller. As a secondary option I had a $10 Beckett quick opinion and it came back “Likely Not To Pass Full Authentication.” Sorry

The only “authentic” Griffith signatures that have showed up on eBay in the past few years are his life insurance policy contract and his divorce decree (both around $1,500). I scrutinize every one that shows up on eBay because I’m looking for one.

You should be able to get a refund thru eBay if you contact them. Would stink to have to put more money into a PSA authentication for this obvious fake.

Yes, you should be able to easily get a refund thru eBay. I took another look at the seller’s offerings and there are many fakes on there. I know silent film autographs very well and the Clara Bow he has for sale is fake and the Valentino check is so faint that it couldn’t even be authenticated. This is a bulk eBay autograph seller, one autograph sells and another one appears for sale instantaneously.

Thank you for your answer. Now I cannot return the item. I have contacted the seller. I'm very angry,The fakes are still for sale GBP280...

I would contact the payment source that you used, PayPal? Or you have to wait (I think) for it to officially be delivered to be able to return it thru eBay.

Glad you can return it, I’m happy to help. 

I will contact ebay customer service next week, I'll let you know if I need it,Thank you for your help.

HI Mr. Dimeo, Could you please provide me with the verification certificate,I'd like to report the seller, Thank you.

Ok, let me search my files for it and I will send it. I will send a friend request to you.



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