I was told that there was a Dale Earnhardt Sr. signed tire on Pawn Stars last night.  And that drew Max was called in to authenticate it. 

Does anyone have a video link or image of the segment? 

I'm quite sure that Drew is not fluent in NASCAR autographs.  I can't make a comment about the autograph until I see it though.

If you have an image or video, please post it here.



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So Drew got it right?

Just saw it......DREW MAX IS WRONG!!! 

This Tire is 1000% signed by Dale Earnhardt Sr. 

It is a typical late 1990's signature signed in a fine point gold pen ( Not felt, as Max stated).  It is  a CLASSIC example of Dale's autograph from that time and on a tire.  In fact, we have seen several signatures on this site that are just as nice as this autograph.

BY THE WAY DUMPY DREW...Dale Sr. added his Car # quite often on tires and other special items. 

How PATHETIC can this fool and this show be?

DREW MAX GOT IT WRONG!!! He is NOT a NASCAR expert and should in no way try to be.

Here is the Video:



now that everyone in the world thinks its a fake maybe you can score it for the cost of an old used tire.

There are people in the sport that will pay the asking price right now

I bet there is. Was a joke since Drew hosed the seller that maybe we could squeeze in and get it at a discount. Dale Sr on a Tire? Would go quick no doubt.

Not Nascar but worked an NHRA event with the Army(we actually have a car that can compete). I brought home a Tony Schumacher signed NHRA rear tire. Thing was huge. My wife said she is OK with signed baseballs and bats but tire had to go. Had to give it away.

Ughhhhh. Schumacher is gold! I can't count the # of times I met Dale Sr. Back in the day we would get soooo many items signed. He was one of a kind. I'm eternally glad that I got to see him just a few weeks before he died.

Nice. I never got Dale Sr. He is on my list of wish I had though.

Then feel free to look at the Earnhardt signature examples I have posted on this site. We used to buy these tires by the dozens all signed in silver or gold paint. Nice full signatures for $50 each.

What an absolute rookie error on Drew's behalf.

Can't wait to talk with some of the Dale Earnhardt inc. folks over this while at Daytona this week.
I've been in contact with the shop. I will provide them with all the appropriate exemplars. This is a dream item for any NASCAR collector.

Post examples here, please.

Here is another tire that is 100% authentic and is owned by one of the members here.

While it is missing the underscore looping and the car #, it is a great example of how nice he always signed these tires.

His car # addition was erratic but he did it more than people realize.


Here are a few more examples that show how Dale could have some flair to his underscore D in his last name.

Some of these are older signatures but the same style was used. This was after his major signature evolution.


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