Just got the e-mail 10 minutes ago and ordered 1.  Limited edition of 500 of Keep It Hid signed on the cover.  Hopefully it is as nice as the Mammoth WVH or Black Label Society cover signed items.


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Thanks! Just ordered one. Big fan of Dan

going pretty quick, 194 left as I write this, 

Great artist and producer (I'm seeing the Keys live next week) but he and Patrick and have horrible signatures, FYI

scribble below is one of the better looking examples

Thanks for the post. 

Got 1 thx!!!! For the post! 

Did you ask if it is signed on the cover? It isn't listed that way. Just says LP is signed.

It said signed on cover in the e-mail Newbury sent out


Also available at the Easy Eye Sound store...but says 500 signed while supplies last and you won't be notified whether you got one of the signed ones...


Those turds are using the ol "While supplies last, you will not be notified whether or not your copy is signed" trick. Sneaky, sneaky. 

Great news! Thanks!

Newbury - Sold Out. 

TN Record Store Exclusive Signed version available at Grimey's. 


Ordered! Glad I missed the Newbury version as this one is about $10 cheaper 


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