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Those look great

Found a bonus in my book from premiere!

That’s amazing

I thought u might want to watch this.. see if it sells

Wow haha. I hope mine arrives the same! I’d definitely keep it though. 

Wow I saw that too! Pretty cool. I offered him $200 lol

Haha that’s awesome!  

Wow, I’ve never seen that happen before - certainly unique!

If only they could have spared some copies for those of us in the UK - we seem to be the only place that hasn’t had any really (bar the handful at Foyles which sold in seconds)

U.K. would be nice! I had to order mine from America. Postage was $33! Hopefully it’ll be here soon :D

There's entire continents that didn't get the signed books. Continental Europe hardly ever gets any signed items, while there are many UK exclusives. 

That is absolutely true. I meant more based on expectation (eg UK are often fortunate with major signed preorders) than genuine fairness, point taken.

The only time I've seen it happen was on a Ronda Rousey and a Gordie Howe book - both times, a printing error from the factory. Likely happened when passing through a sorting machine. Bonus for anyone who gets it!



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