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Awful time to release being in Europe. Hopefully they restock or there’s an alternative site

What a stupid time and way to List them BAM - should be 1 per Customer - with the God Like Dave Grohl, it would have been late in the US too! Why Not List it when BAMs actually Open??? Impossible to do but should be Limited to 1 per person - Period! 

Makes me Laugh where it states ' Multi-Copy Orders May be Reduced to 5 Copies Per Household' 

I bet some greedy bar stewards have ordered 20 - 30 copies or more and will receive them!!

It will be a race to the bottom, just like the Gilmour/Samson situation a few months back.

Don't worry, there will be more copies.

Wake up and it’s £150 on eBay!

Missed it as well :(

Me too :(

Hopefully the first of many releasing signed copies, missed it too

dammit. the problem with being in a different time zone.  This is one book I wanted as a signed copy :( 

I am a regular purchaser with BAM.  thought they would have given its customers a heads up.

oh well.

Thanks guys for posting here.  I have still managed to score some excellent signed books!

Bummed I missed out on this. Really wanted his auto for my collection without having to pay hundreds for a vinyl. 

I'm not worried about this one, even though I missed this drop. It's not a BAM exclusive or anything. It's a publisher-bound signed copy with its own ISBN number. There will be other opportunities to get it, either via Barnes and Noble or from the many independent bookstores throughout the country.

My advice: wait it out for the release day, be vigilant to see if more preorders pop up from other places, check to see if it shows up for B&N's Black Friday signed editions, see if there's an online book talk selling signed copies in a month, but don't give in to the eBay flippers.  

All we get in the UK is a chance to Win one Copy of a Signed Drum Head Skin - if you buy a copy his non signed Book from Waterstones - you get entered into a draw!!

Ain't we lucky yet again in the UK - all these Stars Obviouisly forget about the rest of the World!

Not for me



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