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Thanks ordered

Ya a lot cheaper than bundles on the Megadeth store

I know, there was an email earlier with a picture of Dave signing these, did you happen to get that? Can you share it?

Here is the video on facebook with him signing the bookplates

Thanks, looks like there is something else written on the plate?!?

I saw that too. Looks like the date?

FYI, still available, 

now $35 though...(oh, Premiere, give us another reason to not like you...)

Rust in Peace - Dave Mustaine (Signed Book) (

it's crazy, the cuts that leaf made for their pop release go for more than the available books, well actually a ton of the cuts do, amazing that people do such little research.

he also has a new release on talkshoplive for upcoming cd, probably signed by just Dave.

Artificial scarcity is one hell of a drug. I've seen signed Canadian Prime Minister cuts going upwards of $1k a pop, for political figures you can get for less than 1/10th of that on the open market.

Its not just autographs.. leaf is now making cards out of ticket stubs.. they are popping up while searching some musicians.. id rather have the entire stub as a collectable not a cut of a stub turned into a card.. 

Anyways, I bought a few Mustaine books early last year before they "sold out".. this could be the 4th restock since then. Same thing happened with elvira with restocks.. is she still available? I refuse to even go to their website to check. I took premiere off my radar completely. They are just 1 big scam company now. Retailers who go out of their way to trick their customers. Or raise prices like they are in the secondary market..

yup on the leaf stuff, not to derail, but I pick up the celeb autos from leaf, not the cuts from the books I can get cheaper. like there are al sharptons being sold for $35 and up, yet you can get the whole book for less, people still drop over $100 on the taylor swift cuts. some of the more recent crazy ones, are odenkirk stickers going into the $90's! christina applegates the same, even all of a sudden butch patricks are soaring. BG buys the books like we do, now like you said I do see ticket stubs. that's not new, but new for them. even donny jr you can get for under $40 on his book, yet the cuts are going for $60-$70! I personally look most of the time to see what might be cheaper. like debbie gibson, I went to her site and got a picture for under $25 shipped, yet her stickers for leaf are like $70, even bill wyman, I ended up on his site, $15 shipped to the US for a signed photo.

I saw a secretarial Gleason in a leaf thingie last week. It was by Sydell Spear.


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