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Hey y'all. This autograph was owned by my grandfather and it's been around my house since before I was born, so I believe he was the first owner.
he died 8 years ago and my interest in knowing about its authenticity has only grown on me recently. We've decided to sell it, could you help me tell if its authentic? And the date, what year it is? I recognize the 7 but not the following number

Thnx very much

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Hello Eric I have already sent the money for the "Opinions by Eric" on this autograph. thank you

Thank you. I'll get on it.

its an 8

Thank you! Btw, I have just replied to your pvt message :D

Hello Patel,

Check your email.

Thank you,


I know you wanted the paper last night but I don't do this work at 11:30 PM. It would be no good for either of us. I did get it to you in under 24 hours which I think not bad all things considered. That and I am dead certain.

Hi everybody reading me. I want to use this last message before I close the thread to give Eric K.'s authentication service the most positive public shoutout. I'm IMPRESSED by the length of his quality assessment at such a low price. He does not only tell you his opinion -which is what a lot of respected authenticators do-, but he also justifies everything he says and goes in a deep analysis of the signature. This has been, by far, my most satisfactory experience using an authentication service. I've already thanked you in private, but thank you so, so much again Eric. I'll repeat in the future for sure.

P.S.: I still think you should start a web and/or issue your quality assessments as a .pdf/tangible COA.

Thank you Patel! I really appreciate the post. I am very happy you are pleased.

Please leave the thread open. Someone might have something to add. Thanks :)

you don't need an authenticator to figure out that signature is fake

Yes, recent information has come to light that supported my initial observations. These are appearing more and more lately. This fooled more than one person and is only now coming to light. It is a rather good forgery but the "B", the "i" dot and the way the numerals are rendered are the keys.

There was a lot of variety during 76/77-80.

Look at this rare 1976 I sold a while back:

And this '76 from Andy's site where I help out from time to time.



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