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Opinions needed on David Gilmour "Blue Light" LP and Roger Waters "The Wall" LPs.David%20Gilmour.jpgRoger%20Waters.jpgs-l1600%20%282%29.jpg

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Good to see your name here Mark! Since you know my opinion of them, I’ll let the rest of this panel give theirs. -C

Hello Seamus,
What does -C with respect to ALL Three Autographs?
Does this mean outright "Fake" or "Likely Not Authentic?"
I have only posted once. I am not used to the Autograph Language Speak.
Thanks for your understanding and your warm welcome.

my guess is c means cheers

I think "C" means Crapola because that's what these are

C is actually my initial. Mark is a very good friend of mine. IMO the middle Roger is the only authentic of the three

I didn't like the 2nd example because of the "aters"

But I certainly won't challenge your opinion if you like it.

This is a neat game you 2 are playing. hehe

The game of getting more than one opinion?

Yes sort of.

I was more meaning tutoring your friend. 

Playing a game was not quite the right way to put it. 

Spreading knowledge of this hobby is key to the battle's and war on forgeries

Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

Mr. Shaw,
What is your personal assessment of the three?
Are they "Cheers" for you?
Thanks for your reply.
Whether I like the post or not, thanks for the brutally honest assessment.
Keep the opinions coming. Thanks.


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