What do think about this Gilmour?

For me, the signature looks good, bit i´m not sure...


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Hi Andreas,

The signature does look good. I'd prefer to see a little more of a left angle on the starting line of the D, although I'm probably just being picky.

I'm not sure of the inscription. It looks good, but it's missing letters.

Does it have a strong source or a backstory included?

This one looks spot on to me. Both signature and inscription

Thank you both.

No strong source, only a guy who waited for him at the studio during the recording for on an island...

Sounds good. I was able to get him on quite a few of those On an Island CDs. He wouldn't do any Floyd stuff for me during that time, unfortunately.

I'd say go for it. It looks nice.
... lots of cool stuff came out of his recent signing in NYC though! (Makes me drool.)

Auction was cancelled, I think the seller get a private message for an offer... :-(


Sorry to hear that Andreas! It was a nice signature and inscription for sure. That's eBay for you

Thanks Corey! :-)

Looks like it's back up...Good luck, I'll be watching but I'll stay out of bidding
Wow, thank you very much again!
Definitely real for sure.very nice.

Thank you Paul!



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