David gilmour sighed High Hopes Vinyl from eaby now, i donot like about 'g i'. If this is not real,I  think this a very good forgery. What do you think?

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Definitly not real imo.
Agreed. Poor attempt

thanks,paul and corey!  And what about these 2 item? also come from eaby

I like the b&w one.looks good..something about the color one that just doesn't look right.
I wouldn't go for either. Both look slowly drawn.

yes, but its looks better than  other forgerys on eaby

speacial the second photo

There are multiple signs of start/stop in the signature. No fluidity. Multiple large 'dots' at the end of letters which indicate autopen or preprint. Not good imo....I believe it may be related to some of the preprints that Eric Longo found from Gilmours agency

thanks a lot, good study

I agree Corey.

See your PM's.

Thanks, eric

Hi Seamus, overlay of a known preprint and the b/w that went unsold as did the color for $100 ea.


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