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these are the ones i collect and should know what you actual have... the de niro is a secretary - the eastwood is a great attempt but would pass on it - the nicholson is no good either. maybe others have a other opinion but i see it like it is...


I appreciate your comments and expertise.  How is the "average" unsuspected collector supposed to know?  I'm disheartened as I read many of the various comments on this site about how many of these autographs are not real.  These pictures are currently on an auction site that I assumed was reputable.  How do they hold themselves out as such if they offer items that are not authentic?  If that's the case so often, in whom do you trust?

I'm curious, if everything is fake and that's all anyone is trading, does authenticity even matter - except to the purist?  Who operates as the "police" in this arena other than folks like yourself?            

it's much worse than you think about fake autographs on sites like ebay and company's,when you have no knowledge than you have a problem. that's one of the reasons steve syrkin started autograph live so we can all help eachother. post a link from the seller who offers these photo's you posted and curious what i or others will find?

I concur. All three are either fake or secretarial.

Thanks for the input Jeff.  Sad really.  


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