Hi, I've just joined this site and was wondering if anyone with a greater knowledge of this kind of thing would be able to tell if this was an original signature of Dean Martin or a fake. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Gareth.
Sorry photo isn't that great but it looks to have crossover pen marks at certain points.

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I would say this is likely authentic. Coming from an Italian-American family, I just want to say that everyone in my extended family always thought Dean Martin was a better singer, and had a better voice than Frank Sinatra. If one is really honest about it and listens to them sing, Dean Martin clearly has a better voice. He was amazing. My parents, who were two generations older than I, and were born in the early 1920s both never understood why Frank Sinatra got more attention as a singer. Now obviously Dean Martin was a big star in his own right, but Frank got more attention as a singer. It's still puzzling to me, although Frank probably sang more songs than Dean.
Thanks James. I have to agree with you. I think Deno's career was let down by his film roles. While he was busy churning out slapstick comedy with Jerry Lewis, Sinatra was winning Acadamy awards for better, more serious films. That said you can't beat it when they were together with Sammy.
Good points, Gareth. I agree with everything you said. I'm glad we agree about Deno. And, of course, I'm meaning no disrespect to the great one that Frank was...just thought Dean was better. But we all know you can't beat the Rat Pack!

Also, I might add that just because my parents liked Dean Martin better doesn't mean they didn't like Sinatra as well...they did.

I have had three items signed by Dean.  This is a maybe in my opinion. 

absolutly no question in my mind that dino was the best....i think because you had guys like paul anka writing songs like "MY WAY" and others  who wouldn't sound great with those lyrics.  no one could sing an italian love song like dean martin though..   myself, i believe it is the real deal autograph.....



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