I want to word this as senitive as possible, with the year 2016 becoming one of the major years of shock of loss. David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Gene Wilder..Etc.

Today we learned of the passing of Carrie Fisher and sadly as the years go on we will continue to lose more of the people we admirer.

With that loss we see both the initial skyrocketed prices and those buyers quick to own something touched or signed by that person: A connection.

Those people who sell are thought of (by some) as profitting off of the death. Do you believe this is fair? The demand is obviously there, people who waited and missed out before they passed, so is it fair to blame the dealer?

I am personally mixed, I like to think of the collecting universe, as a place where people only buy or obtain those they care about, but this is of course the real world and for many it is a buisness.

What are your opinions on this strike when the iron is hot mentallity?

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Have you seen any Debbie renyolds for sale yet??
The mentality of these dealers is fairly small,i was looking at some well respected dealers and their prices are jacked on George Michael.
You really cant trust any of them!
You dont have to wait to someone passes to make a premium on items, when a bands tours prices spike.

Buy what you want, as you want it, at your price. Patience. Who has not seen a better item come up after purchase? It happens. Some crazy cosmic law. Research. Price and quality compare. Include that BP% in the bid. Don't impulse buy. Most junk can be eliminated with adherence to a few "rules" IMHO.

All smart and reasonable, you always have to stay level headed when it comes to collecting. If you miss/pass on something there is something else on its way.

9/10 these prices drop back down to a reasonable price. I get that dealers are trying to make as much money as possible, but things like this, is why I believe celebrities are so off put by signing in the first place.

A fan wouldn't be quick to resell, but most of the time they are signing it is for dealers who are trying to make money off their fans.

That is the circle you are in, unless you can afford to travel to stalk your favorite artist, or they happen to sell on their website or TTM. Otherwise you wait long periods for your chance at cons or a concert.

Your only other option is buying off dealers, be it straight forward or auction. Lastly you hope you find another fan who gets it, and you share a common interest not revolving around making some extra cash.

It sucks how everything pure, like someone simply signing their name for a fan, turns into a multimillion dollar industry. I get it though, but that is why I like personalized items because it was probably signed for a fan. I also don't mind that little extra bond.

Now it is, what type of pen and photo will erase that name off quickest with less damage.
Connecting with other collectors is gold,for them (us) it can be like losing one of their fingers when selling.
Most of fans support the bands, many dealers exploit them.
When you find that collector it can be like a Aladdins cave and frendships are born.
I couldn't even tell you how much money of mine Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have from buying their stuff!:)

It drives me crazy seeing the cheap garbage that some of these people have signed! If it isn't a photo they printed at costco, it is a chinese pickguard, or at best a roached out Greatest Hits album cover...Rather than spending a little money on a decent album.

Opportunities wasted that fans only dream of....

I agree on that, It's not the old original Sgt peppers lp, it just 20 pickguards shoved in the artist face and the ip dealer thinks he's god.

My mate was showing me some of his collection, modern ish , Dyaln graphs signed on old lp's and they look brilliant, it has that classic look about them because the lp's are collectible.

Heck, I know I am crazy, but there is nothing like seeing a vintage graph signed in pen. I know it doesn't pop, but it is classic!

You don't see that now, or pencil.

Ive mentioned before one of the surfers here , he was in Endless summer, he will only sign in pencil because it doesn't fade.

It don't know if you should call dealers trusted sellers if there prices out weigh the value of the item and the whole sell when you die thing is taking advantage of people.

The extinction of the autograph book.

The only reason why I do like a "trusted sellers" list is because you know they will ship your item and not steal your money. Other people have dealt with them and had a positive interaction.

I trusted Josh Lasure with my Surfin USA album and he got the job done. I probably wouldn't have trusted some random person with my album you know?

I do agree though, you have to build trust from somewhere and in this world it is sometimes hard to know who.

I am not a big fan that a lot of dealers will put such high prices on items, trying to pretend that they are worth more than they are, we have all seen the same items on ebay for YEARS not sell.

However, buyers need to not act so much on emotion because that is when you get preyed on, that is why they can justify raising prices so high when someone passes on.



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