I recently made a comment on a posting made by someone in a group I was part of, and stated that I thought the autograph he purchased at such a great price did not look real at all. Surprisingly (or not?), the comment I made was swiftly deleted. This makes me wonder, what is it about not wanting to thoroughly examine and question the authenticity of signed items? How can people be so deluded into thinking there isn't rampant forgery?

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I'm surprised the person could delete it your comment. That should only be possible on blogs. Could you send me the link to the discussion?

It was on facebook. I left the group so I don't have access to it currently.

Maybe an administrator on Facebook?

It was on facebook.

Which facebook group and what was the autograph?


The autograph was in red marker on the "Freeek!" CD.

The link doesnt work, if its a closed group.
Its very difficult to have any kind of opinion on those facebook groups. At least here you can.



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