Can anyone share any thoughts and opinions on this Denzel Washington autograph or maybe offer pics of some comparable genuine signatures of his?  This seems like a nice signature, but the item has no third party authentication to assist in determining its authenticity.  Thanks.  

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Don’t think that is good. Way to neat. 

I found this one which is authenticated by JSA. It seems a bit neat as well.   Been trying to compare the two.  

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I’m not sure in that one either. Maybe I just got sloppier sigs from him but none of mine were that neat. I got him 6 times between 2010-2014 and twice in good spots with little crowds and none came out that neat. 

JSA is not exactly the best source in celebrity autographs. They get them wrong a lot. I wouldn’t use their opinion as an exemplar. 

I know what you’re saying bc i have seen the type of signatures you speak of. Many times it seems rushed or he just writes a W for his last name. I’m wondering if maybe these are older signatures, who knows.  Who do you recommend instead of JSA?  I’ve had bad experiences with PSA/DNA getting things wrong but never any problems with JSA.  What do you think of Beckett?

I would look at some of the well know in person collectors. There is a list of them on this site with their EBAY accounts. I would look at them first. The TPA’s are so hit or miss that they are just not a good enough source for me to use them blindly as exemplars. I trust the well known collectors more.

May I ask your opinion on this one in comparison to yours?  Do you think this one may be genuine?

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I think that one is good. Looks a lot closer to what I have gotten.

Thanks for the feedback.  I want one of him in my collection.  This auto seems nicer that most scribbles i’m finding on eBay. I would really prefer more of a color headshot or at least a photo from Training Day, but I guess an authentic signature is most important.  BTW I did a PSA/DNA quick opinion for the previous one I showed you which you thought was fake and that came back as “likely not genuine” also. 



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