Hey guys. About a year ago I posted my Mickey mantle no. 7 signed baseball. I got a lot of great responses and although I overpaid for the ball, I couldn't be happier spending $900. Not only did upper deck authenticate it, but everyone on here loved it. Anyways I'm looking for a Derek Jeter signed baseball, however his autograph is extremely ugly. Does anyone know where to find a legible autograph of his? Preferable with no. 2 inscribed. Also will he ever print his name on a ball?

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I have never seen him sign #2, and if out there, would be very rare. perhaps Steiner has some, but would be very expensive.

as for his signature being "ugly"that is certainly the case with his recent autographs, but if you can land one from the mid to late 90's they are much nicer.

here is a decent one, just not sure if the #2 was penned by Jeter:


I'm not an expert by any means but the #2 looks like a different pen from the name, look at the starting points,D and J are very light to start.... also not familiar with sgc, doing a little research on them now... I learned a lot while purchasing the mantle ball, it's crazy what people will do for $$. That being said thanks for the early autograph heads up, also I was not looking for a #2, I'd really like a no. 2. I've been looking at Steiner and you can send items in, I think his is 700, and you can add comments as to how you want it signed. However it states that every request is up to the athlete. Since I have not come across a no. 2, I think he might not sign it, in which case it's not worth it...any ideas?

your call.  the current Jeter Steiner signatures are awful, in my opinion.  but if that is what you want, and if he is willing to add No. 2, then go for it.

if it were me, I would prefer to have a nice, vintage Jeter signature that would cost less than half the amount that one thru steiner would cost, and it would be a nicer signature.

as for the #2 above, as I mentioned, I have no idea if that is in Jeter's handwriting. Probably not.



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