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I thought this was worth a post. Look at how different each "P" is. I have no doubt about authenticity. This is meant to show how much variation you can get from Paul - not only year to year, but even second to second! This is from 1991 or shortly after.

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Sometimes Paul writes the name 'Paul' differently when he refers to another Paul, than the way he signs his own name. Sometimes not, depends on the time period. Take a look at this example I have in my collection: it's from 1963, Paul wrote 'To Paul from'. He wrote here 'Paul' just like the way he used to sign his own name in 1963. Actually, I refer to it as a first name autograph of Paul from 1963, although he didn't mean to sign his name here. I bought it from Tracks UK a few years ago.
By the way, I should have bought the autograph in the original post for about $550. Someone took it from me in the last second. Now it's for sale on Ebay for $1000-$1100.   


the seller on this wants $1000 for this and Perry Cox barely got $675.00, the seller will keep this forever as he thinks he can get more them Perry , also this seller is the same one selling the forged Paul signed abbey road for $850 that ballroom just called out 

Yea, I know. The person who gave it to Perry took it from me in the last second for about $550. So sad! It could be mine now. Perry knew I wanted it, but he sold it on Ebay with Buy It Now within an hour for $675 to the one who is trying to sell it now for $1000 (by the way, he asked for $1100, but he saw that he was unable to sell and therefore lowered $100).  



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