Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France Autographs

Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France my uncle got them in 1937 when the Hotclub played in Holland, it is in a guitar book

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That is freakin Cool ! Is it for sale ??

That really is a great piece.

Hi Steve, what do I have to do if I want to sell it , it's glued in a book withe autographs of Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, and others, there also an autograph of Chet Baker , when he played at jazzclub Dizzy, in Rotterdam 1 day before he died in Amsterdam.

gr John

Hi John,

What are you looking to get for it. I may be interested


Hi Carl, I really don't know , the autograph of django is for sale on the internet but nobody's

got the complete quartet, I hope Steve is gonna help me out, what it might be worth

gr John

i hear you John. I tell you, i am drooling over this piece, but if you are looking to get the best bang out of your buck, i would personally consign it to a place like RR Auction. Now that wont do me any favors b/c the bidding will go way out of my league, but just being honest, i think thats where you would get the most. Yeah, i am a big fan of Django, and there have been several single sigs of his up on ebay for years. The seller wants like 25,000 dollars for each, LOL!!!!. Django autographs are very rare and desirable, but they arent worth anything even close to 25 grand. In my experience, Django graphs, depending on item and condition typically go for about the same as a Hendrix piece (1200 to 2500). In my estimate, with your item being such a great piece and having many rare sigs, i think it could easily go for 3 to 5 grand at auction, Maybe much more depending on the other sigs, etc. But i imagine thats what Steve will telll you as well. As much as id love to ahve it, i could never offer anything like the bids youd get at auction. And at auction you will pull in buyers from across the world. And this piece will be bid on heavily, i can guarantee that.

But if youd rather sell out of auction, give me a ring.



I'm away until late today but I'll help you out when I'm back. You really need to get that piece in front of the right audience.

Drop my a note and tell me what you have pursued so far.



I haven't seen enough Django autographs to have an opinion on the authenticity of yours, but since you said your uncle got them himself, we'll assume they're genuine for purpose of estimating value. I think a dealer specializing in jazz autographs might ask in the $3,500-$4,500 range for that page.

hi steve

 it is for sale now, what do you think it the best way to do it

gr john

Amazing piece!!
Very nice! Are any of these for sale ?

i thinking of selling the book but i don't know what it's worth

john buijsman



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