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oh thank u... now i discover a new nice talented girl!:)

with signed vinyl

How did u know about this release before pre-order ?::)

She sent out an email to fans yesterday, after she put the first 100 up on on her store. That's the only place the link was listed initially, though she did mention today's sale in her Instagram Stories.

do u mean to the people who are sign on her website? i need to check  her site often. I'm countin for more releases :)

Yep, her newsletter signup on her website. Actually, a lot of fans ended up with it in their junk mail yesterday for some reason.

All gone alas 

i was thinking it will be fast...she's great:)

Just arrived. 10 inch vinyl.

Mine came more week ago ... :)

She should realised "you" EP and "Human" on vinyl...

And more metropopis studios records 

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She did, but they're both out of print and collector's items now. 

i wasnt dodie fan then ... 

and now its priceless...


I think it might still be possibly to score an okayish deal on Human, most (all?) of which are signed. Not too long ago you could pick it up for $30-40, but now I think you might be able to get it for $70-80. They pop up on Ebay, Depop, Mercari, etc.



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