Does someone selling Adolf Hitler autographed photo?I am need it.(no fake)

Hello everyone

Does someone selling  Adolf Hitler autographed photo?If yes.Please contact with me.

But I need 100% really.(fake stay away).

I will offer it to PSA or JSA checking.

Hope your picture and price.Tks


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Tks for your reply.for my expenrience,they are best in industry.

no no no,I am find who can offer Hitler signature photo.I hope it is real.(no PSA or JSA,it is ok.)But I may check with them(PSA,JSA).or who is best authenticator for Hitler signature ?

May I have Mr zipper is contact detail?Tks 

Tks I will contact with him.

Hi Gerald.

I would suggest contacting Bill Panagopulus from Alexander Autographs. I have dealt with Bill over the years as a client and I have found him very helpful. His firm has a store and also runs auctions several times a year. He is also a member of this board.


tks for your opinion.....David...

John Reznikoff of University Archives specializes in historical autographs I believe.  Not sure if he authenticates Hitler, but I assume he authenticates any figure that has historical context.  He has appeared on Pawn Stars, works for PSA, and is also a member of the forum here; his credentials speak for themselves.

Here's his site:

Just another avenue to consider in addition to the above experts previously mentioned by the others 

OK tks I have send a message to him

Be very very careful when it comes to Hitler is highly faked from what I understand. Perhaps one of the most faked autographs out there? Alexander Autographs has sold a ton of Adolf Hitler signed stuff. Not sure if there will be more of it in the future; I imagine there will be. Generally you are looking at starting prices around $2K, ranging up to $5K or more. I am not sure of their credentials for authenticating it. I am not sure how one even goes about proper authentication of Hitler stuff. There was a guy (forget his name) who could forge Hitler's writings perfectly and no one had a clue. I think it is difficult to determine real from fake when it comes to him....correct me if I am wrong....

tks for your suggestion.yes fake is full with all over the is very hard to buy good things for collection.that is why I go here to finding,I know here people are good and profession.

The guy on Russian action is currently selling this Hitler autograph. Into US $ it's about 850$. He' s also selling "MagdaGoebbels's autograph.


That looks quite fake. Did Hitler sign in blue ink? It's also on a photo which should send up red flags since Hitler didn't sign many photos. Not to mention the "H" is a mess. Formed wrong. The slash is in the wrong place. That alone is enough to run away.

According to an expert who's been doing this for 40 years, this is a real Hitler signed photo. He said 90% of Hitler sigs are fake.


you are selling this item?



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