Im always skeptical of these "as is" auctions with no independent confirmation. However, based on prelim research, looks like the graph is in line with Warhol's other 60's era signatures. Lowercase A and all. 

Anyone have any idea? 

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This is not real at all.

Seriously?!? What makes you say that? The signature is in line with his signature in the 60's (I believe this piece is from 1968). 

Would love to hear your thoughts on why you think its fake (you're probably right, just curious anyway)

This signature is one of many forgeries that have been featured in auctions and on eBay for years.

I'd agree this looks super bad it was basically drawn on here..

Yes. The question is, was it drawn on by Andy Warhol or by someone else :)

Definitely Not by Warhol!

Real Warhol signatures...


Not in the 60s. He was signing Andy with a lowercase but large "a". Not saying your wrong in that its fake. But it is something to consider. Check out his sigs in the late 50's and 60's

My responses are not showing - I said earlier this is not good - I agree with Richard.

Yes, earlier signing style.

"Yes, earlier signing style..."  what? 

I know Warhol signed lower case in early to late 60’s, but the original auction post item is a fake, sorry.

No need to apologize. I didn't place a bid ;)

Glad I posted this. Thank you all for your feedback!!



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