I'm not really really sure... i'm new to autograph collecting, so what do you think?


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Sadie, that seller looks like a whole lot of trouble.  Without having much knowledge of Zooey's autograph, I would bet that nothing that seller has is authentic.  I'm seeing a ton of obvious, obvious forgeries in their online store.  

If you're looking for a safer bet for buying an authentic Zooey signature, we might be able to at least point you to some good dealers.  It will likely cost a bit more than $45, but at least they'll be authentic.

Okay that would be great thanks! Pricing isn't really a problem for me.

Looks like Zooey's signature is a pretty simplistic ZD these days, nothing like .  Perhaps there are some in-person collectors more familiar with her overall signing style that can provide.  In the meantime, I'll suggest a couple dealers I feel are generally safe bets:





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