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The Henley looks good to me.

What do you all think this signed book is worth? Book part is in excellent shape & has 1 extra signature on (pg.175)  by Jim Hightower ( a well known Texas writer,humorist and Agricultural politician) from Texas who was well known back in the 1970's & 1980's! Should the Don Henley signature be cut / slabbed by PSA/DNA? Would that increase its value,or detract from it,by destroying the book? I've seen others on E Bay go for anywhere from $80 - $179 Thanks for all replies to my questions,they are most appreciated as I am a novice collector!

thanks,Joe! What I thought too! =]

I have it listed for about $125. Do you think this is a fair price,for what it is? And since there is a dedication with the (Don Henley signature) and also that the autograph is contained in a book,I thought that these 2 things would devalue his autograph somewhat.I'm guessing that somebody could get PSA/DNA to cut and slab his signature, and I thought that might increase the value and that is why I'm unsure as to the worth of this particular autograph..if anybody could shed some light on this,I would be most grateful! 



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