we had thrown off ebay 3 times already he pops up with a different user name ebay doesn't care.

we were able to get paypal to refund a a few grand to some buyers

just a heads up for anyone who collects original concert stuff dont



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What is the second link? Are you sure the seller is printing these at home? I believe that fakes of the Doors and Jefferson Airplane handbills have been around for quite a while.

the second link is just his stuff he sells

and yes im positive hes doing it himself.

ive actually busted him and had his stuff in my possesion

hes reprinting fakes fe 1 handbills Janis Joplin .the list is very long of the stuff.wwere cataloging his stuff  as we see it

he went so far to make a fake fd 26 handbill second printing ,there was never such thing

also a bg 105 hendrixs flyer .non excists

hes taken people for close to 5 to 10 k last count that ive been able to count

on this name in the last 2 months hes up about 1 k on fake flyers.

I know some people also collect other things that's why I posted it. some tried to pawn off a early fake stones on me 2 weeks ago from ebay. 

Do you have images of the FD26 and BG105?

I believe I have the 26 .the 105 looks the identical. The fe 1 Janis he sold originally about a year ago he made it the wrong size. The one he just sold for over 200$ was fake but the right size. Bad stock and color . Most are hard just hard to tell till u get them and feel them and match to real ones.

Thanks. That’s scary about the FD26 and BG105. The FE1 and Big Brother Fresno handbills do look quite good. It’s odd that there are a few different Fresno handbills. 

Hes from the Fresno cali area but does alot from Europe also

I cant find it but here are some he has sold .all fake

I have files of other stuff.  U really need to know what ur looking at it it will fool most. The Janis the colors are bad. Usually there's some stock difference but it will follow 99% and then he gets thrown off and pops up all over again with new stuff new name

Is there a good way to test to see if they're old? Other than looking under magnifying glass too see if it was printed at home?

It's hard because people age or damage them to look old. U really need to know the right dimensions colors paper stock .also some type of market value will help. There are books that list stuff but u need to study

Well, the FD-26 is beyond an obvious fake I am attaching images of his item, and of the real deal.  It's so bad, that if someone actually bought this, then they somewhat deserve what they are getting.  The fake is a copy of the second print poster, which has credits on the bottom which don't exist on the handbill, colors are wrong, etc.

That being said, this person should be shot, or at least banned from ebay.


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