Ebay seller chaoticdopey4388 forging baseball cards, records, you name it! Take a look!

This guy is forging anything he can and turning it into gold. Look at his auctions. He even forges Jimmy Key!


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The Sopranos book above sold for $104.00! Incredible. Here is a Hunter S. Thompson forgery that just sold for $151.50


When does the responsibility start shifting to the people that bid on this junk?

There are ON CARD Certified Autograph Inserts (with 99.99% Authenticity rates) made from 1996-2005 of several of the player autograph cards this jerk is selling that can be bought for the same or similar price that this worm is getting for his junk.

So why don't these bidders know that Certified Autograph Inserts exist from established card companies of these same players and have a higher Authenticity rate THAN ANY OTHER AUTOGRAPHS IN EXISTENCE???

One reason is that all Price Guides have been useless since 2006 or so as all they've been doing is promoting the heck out of new product releases saying nothing but good things (when many products were crap) simply because of all the money they get from card company advertising. 


Mr. McCay, of course the buyers are at fault. So are the forgers and Ebay, who count on the wannabe collector to buy their junk. The people buying this crap are not real collectors. Just like most fans at a sporting event aren't real fans. They are wannabe fans with no knowledge of what they are watching.

This is about the 20th Matt Groening forgery this clown has sold


Give me a damn break! This clown picks up a used baseball at a garage sale for a nickel, copies google images of the actors from the movie and forges the signatures on the POS ball. Up it goes on Ebay to rip off another victim!!


what s***.  this guy needs to get clipped.  and thrown in jail.

Ebay has let it be known that unless it can "be proven" that this clown sells obvious forgeries, they are not taking action against him. I then had someone from the Dodgers marketing department contact Ebay regarding all his forgeries on Dodger items that he claimed was given out at games as a promotion. He told Ebay all of the items they saw from this seller were forgeries and wanted his current auctions to be stopped. Ebay did not stop them or respond to the Los Angles Dodgers request.

 Look at what he does. Here is a google image of Tiger Woods signing that anyone can get off their computer. He puts it on his phone to fool his ebay victims into believing he took the picture with his camera phone and got the autograph IP. Here is the google image and here is his current auction.


The worse John Smoltz forgery I've ever seen on a used, beat-up, sweat stained filled cap.

How many George Bush forgeries can one a****** sell?




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