Ebay seller chaoticdopey4388 forging baseball cards, records, you name it! Take a look!

This guy is forging anything he can and turning it into gold. Look at his auctions. He even forges Jimmy Key!


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He claims these items were all give aways at Dodgers games he attended. The Dodgers promotional manager says he is a liar. It is interesting that they gave away an autographed Kershaw jersey at a game that came with stains on it. Hey dopey4388, ya sure you didn't pick this up for a quarter at a garage sale and forge Clayton's signature?

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker autographed RARE promotional record


Could be an early Arnold Schwartzenegger signature but I doubt it


Look how he uses a flyer from a Magic Johnson book signing to 'prove' he got this basketball signed there. In the flyer it clearly states "Other items will NOT be allowed" He also says the ball has 'use and age wear" Why would it have any? Who would bring a dirty, trash ball to a signing that states only book will be signed?

More Porn forgeries



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