Ebay seller chaoticdopey4388 forging baseball cards, records, you name it! Take a look!

This guy is forging anything he can and turning it into gold. Look at his auctions. He even forges Jimmy Key!


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More crap!

Is this John Glenn book authentic? Sold for $96.00

This guy sells nothing but fakes
Guess ebay is ok with it

Mr. Brewer, could you please confirm if the John Glenn is a forgery. 

Look at this crap! The Walter Payton and Pistol Pete are among the worse I've ever seen! 


It's certainly a forgery . I believe all this sellers items are not authentic

Thank you for confirming Mr. Brewer. This seller is selling thousands of $$$ of forgeries each week. It appears he goes to garage sales, flea markets and literally buys as much junk as he can. Books that nobody wants, old records that people are about to throw away and useless VHS tapes. People probably pay him to take their junk because it's so worthless. But, this seller turns the junk into gold by forging autographs on each item and listing them on ebay. 

One of the things he buys at these places are old, used sporting equipment. He then forges the athletes autograph on the item and up on ebay it goes. Check this auction out. He claims he got this Ozzie Smith to sign this glove at Yankee Staduim after Smith was looking around one last time where his many homers were. Ozzie Smith never played one game at Yankee Stadium. Of course, Ozzie was nice enough to also include "13 time Gold Glove."


More fake autographs on wortless, used store model gloves




Horrible forgeries.  OMG.   How do these clowns get away with it?



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