Ebay seller chaoticdopey4388 forging baseball cards, records, you name it! Take a look!

This guy is forging anything he can and turning it into gold. Look at his auctions. He even forges Jimmy Key!


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More dirty, used basketballs with no thread picked up for pennies at a garage sale. Forge the ball and put it up on the Ebay site!

So you're trying to tell me that this autographed baseball was given away at Dodger Stadium as a promotional giveaway. When I contacted the Dodgers, they said that at no time have they ever offered an autographed baseball presented by IHOP. They have never offered a Vin Scully autograph of any kind as a promotion. This is a forgery and sold for $30.00!!


Who needs a Gretzky auto?

Well. I'm no expert. Newbie in fact. However. He's currently offering a laserdisc allegedly signed by William Shatner at a bookseller signing. (Barnes and Noble I believe). Anyhow. I'm pretty positive Shatner would never, and I mean NEVER sign something that is not the current book he's promoting at a bookseller signing. Nor would the bookseller allow it. He charges 80.00 to sign at conventions. Why would he sign a laser disc that got brought in?? For less then 4.00? Nope nope nope.

Scroll down and take a look at the prices this clown gets with these used, sweat stained, dirty hats he probably gets for free at garage sales. 


OH MY GOODNESS! Most are some of the worst attempts I've ever seen. He actually tried to trace part of the Roger Clemens pre-print signature??? The sick thing is that a few could be real, but considering all the OBVIOUS forgeries I wouldn't believe ANY were good.

That logic NEVER goes the other way however. For instance, you can't say a certain autograph is good simply because a few on the same item are.

Take a look at a sample of his baseball related forgeries.


They sure have a lot of 'signed' books for sale!

He just added some more treasures! The Sopranos book has 7 forgeries. Not one autograph is real here.


You would think someone would have picked a nicer book to have Mr. Bush sign. lol


About the 10th Wilt forgery this clown has sold!




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