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I fell across sellers impera.investments offers. I am pretty sure all of his Enzo Ferrari signed items are fake. Any idea how I could forward this to ebay so they stop him selling this stuff. He recently sold a Bruce Lee for over 1100 Euro.

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Sad part is E bay could give a rats behind with what people are selling either it being real or fake autographs. All they want to see is your share of the money for selling on their site. You say its a fake but unless your 100% sure you might want to keep quite. reason is slander. lets say the guy is selling legit autographs and you turn around and say oh he's only selling fakes and shouldn't buy from him. Now he proves to e bay that they are in fact legit autographs and if his business/side venture suffers and losses money Not only can he sue E bay but you yourself for slander. If you feel they are fakes then by all means don't buy from him but, as the old saying goes a sucker is born every minute and if someone feels that the item is too good to be true then walk away. 



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