Ebay Seller Member0703120 Lists Forged/Counterfeit Sandy Koufax 2000 SP Authentic Card

Immediately below is a link to a thread on "Sandy Koufax Forged/Counterfeit 2000 SP Authentic" baseball cards.


Ebay seller Member0703120 has listed one of those forged/counterfeit Sandy Koufax "2000 SP Authentic" baseball cards.


Ebay seller Member0703120 also sold a forged/counterfeit Koufax on Feb. 17th, 2019.


Ugly and obvious Koufax forgery.

Observe the vertical "Sandy Koufax" near the outside border of the card--Counterfeit!!!

The forger is obviously an amateur and whoever cut these cards made it even more obvious.

Ebay seller Member0703120 also has listed a forged/counterfeit Derek Jeter on a "1995 Upper Deck" card.

Below is a link to my blog on forged/counterfeit Derek Jeter cards on a "1995 Upper Deck" card.



Penned by a three-year old.

Also observe the raised "R" in "Jeter."

Counterfeit card!!!

Phony hologram.

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Chris, who the hell is Sauly Kurful?

That's a good question, Tony.

We'll have to ask the forger.


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