Ebay Seller Nova234 Lists Forged Signed Mickey Mantle Photo Worthless COA GFA Stephen Rocchi

First, immediately below are links to previous threads/blogs on Stephen Rocchi and Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA).




Since the inception of Stephen Rocchi and Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators in Sept. 2011, I have yet to observe on authentic autograph with their COA.

Their so-called "Forensic Examination" is just a bunch of BS and the real hobby knows it.

GFA (Guaranteed Fake Autograph) and their bullcrap is directly at people who believe that "Forensic BS" when it comes to autographs.

I have probably posted hundreds of threads/blogs on GFA and will continue to do.

Look at this laughable (forged)  "Mickey Mantle" with a worthless COA from GFA and listed by Ebay seller Nova234.


No one lists an authentic Mantle for $65.00.

Here is another forgery listed by Ebay seller Nova234.

These are, of course, "Florida" forgeries.

Printed on inkjet paper.

These "Florida" forgeries have infected the autograph hobby for the last 10-12 years.

Worthless "Florida" COA from Heroes Of The Game.

Typical "Florida" cheesy COA that looks like it wad done on a Commodore 128.



Laughable Joe DiMaggio forgery.

$35.00 "Buy It Now/Best Offer."



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