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Where :(

Everybody wants the Elton signed ones as surely he will do some 

Only signed by Ed. Should take Elton out of the description lol

Didn’t say it was signed by Elton I put it was signed by Ed Sheeran 

I know, I just saw the title in the email notification and went right to the link without reading anything else. 

False advertising... boooooo... put it in the title, not description. Thanks for posting.. but omg for someone who missed out on elton, this got my hopes up and crashed them down hard

Edit: I apologize for my booo post lol. I was able to score an elton today. I was very lucky! I should have been on sheerans page refreshing all night like a lot of others. Honestly did not think Elton would be signing again. In the end, im very happy and now see the value of you adding Elton to the title.

that'll be the Christmas no.1 then , he outsold all the others by 40 to 1 when his album no.1 1st week after offering signed art cards. Lad baby not this time. Back him and Elton my friends. 

Thank you, purchased to add to my quickly growing signed Ed collection! Now waiting patiently for the Elton ones, as I imagine everyone else is haha

Thanks, ordered!

this was nice because I didn't want to pay $20+ shipping to the U.S. but the 3 Graffiti singles I passed on were still in the cart and didn't raise the shipping. got 3 of each for $5 apiece shipped which is a much better deal lol


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