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what is your question?... on the photo you see elisabeth shue but i don't like the autograph ''i have a few of elisabeth in mine back to the future collection and saw a lot on sites like ebay and that's why i give this opinion.

I just want to know whether it's authentic or not that's why I put it here. I brought it from Tom Kramer.... You don't like Tom creamer either?  And as I know it from experience Elizabeth shoe has two different styles one with the first full name and the second full name which is from the early eighties to mid-90s and then after that she just uses her first and last initial like a swerve... So not liking really doesn't address my question.

when you are happy with this autograph than what is the problem? i only sayed i don't like it and would never buy it. why post this when you trust the seller? 

Because I am asking a question of professionals that I thought you guys are. Am I not allowed to ask a question?

Am I not allowed to challenge a premise here? Just because you have the same one or a different one does that mean that all autographs have to be the same? I'm just asking for authentic purposes not whether you think something is. Or whether you're not like something. I don't like a lot of things but I have to still identify them and get back to my customers as well. This has nothing to do with happiness but factuality penstroke, etc...

I'm simply coming here for a confirmation one way or the other. And the reason I brought this one to the forefront is because this is supposed to be an earlier in-person signing. I have another one that's very similar to this that has a PSA being a logo behind it and it's very similar and I'll show it to you right here.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

this chick is the rudest person. don’t waste your time trying to help her. if you don’t give her the answer she wants she gets nasty. must be a dealer trying to get all of her fakes confirmed by us. she’s rude on the other neil diamond fake she has too. follow that thread. this site is the best and everyone is so nice and helpful. we don’t need rude nasty people who are ungrateful for our help! 

I don't know Elizabeth Shue well but I don't see warning signs and it's from the Kuflik collection: An IP collecting sister and brother who started getting autographs from the late 40s to early 50s and the sister collected into the early 2000s as I recall. Probably 99%+ in person until the last years. They received some TTM secretarials and preprints, including 1-2 of their maybe 15 or so Marilyn Monroes, but this is not how a TTM secretarial would be signed.

Unless you hear strong opinions otherwise, I think you're fine with this.

You're such a gracious Man Steve. I'm really looking forward to meeting you next month for some coffee. I think it will be an exciting event.

They said that Rhoda and Harvey wrote down every thing down that they met anyone and signed a date and everything on the back of the autograph and that this one was in particular in person so if it's on the go she's not going to be taking the time like at a show to write it carefully. Usually they caught these people in restaurants or on the street or wherever they were very in your face kind of folks.

i did look at the autograph and not at the kuflik collection part on the photo and gave my opinion. i can't find any other autograph of elisabeth that looks like the one kammie posted. for me it looks to wild and ungraded and does not match with other autographs. this one was on the site of autograffiti for a asking price of 199,99 dollar and don't know they did sell it but know this photo comes originally from the uk ''correct me if i'am wrong''.... i have seen a other elisabeth shue from the kuflik collection that did match others and looks fine by me. also the photo kammie did upload to compare with the one she posted is genuine but different from the one she posted. steve syrkin did give his opinion on the kuflik part and not on the autograph itself but like bryan sayed kammie is happy now.

I contacted Susie and she said that Rhoda did get this personally. She has written statement from her in fact Harvey and Rhoda would write down everything that they would get signed and what date they had it signed on so I trust her.

Early signatures of Elisabeth shue have been looked at and have the first name and the last name through the eighties and early nineties.



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