In response to the questions raised recently by Mercury Man on here regarding Elton John signatures, and the signed photo displayed by Don Hakka, I can now offer you some examples

All obtained by myself in London between 2006 and 2012

I really do not have a lot of time during the week to do all this, but as people suggested that I am a liar and a faker on here, I thought I best show some proof examples

Taylor accused me and Roger Epperson of being fake. We are not

This is not my full time job, I work in the Nuclear Industry and after 55 ours away from home every week putting images on here is not my priority !

After the threats and accusations regarding the Famous UK Autograph club and its Board members, I have kept a low profile

I have no need for more Famous UK Collectors or Dealers knocking at my front door threating violence against me.

Any questions please message me or ask via here

Thank you


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You and Roger are definitely legit, Gary, as all but a few people know. Thanks for posting these.

Cheers Steve, just found a bit of time

Thanks as usual

great stuff, and great reference material for EJ signatures.

Thanks Terrier, did you notice the last one ! Strange rushed one. I think I have some rushed ones around too that are either Elton or E John !

These r all real. But none look anything like the autograph picture Don H has from u.
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Taylor, you seem to just want to negatively attack me

Can you show me some of your' in person' Elton John signatures you have collected ?

That would be very interesting

I would love to see some of those

Thank you for your valued opinion on my' in person' collected Elton Johns, as you seem to so good could you advise me which Autograph company do you Authenticate for ?

From what I have read you seem to work for Mercury Man ? Or do you just follow him ?

I have signed LPS / Sheet music and photos, some In Person some via Auction Houses. Maybe I have bought some of yours ?

I am not showing anymore, I have nothing more to prove

When one of the Worlds Leading Music Autograph Authenticators says my items are genuine, I really don't need to say anymore


Please let me see some of your work



These are very nice Elton signatures if obtained on the street - yes, they all look authentic. Elton very rarely gives full name signatures in Canada or the States anymore. It is a very rushed :EJ or something to that effect. Congrats to the UK collectors for their good fortune with Sir Elton!

John, I have had some of those poor signatures. I sold them off cheaply ! lol

Thanks for your comments

well - good to know he is an equal opportunist with the "short" signatures even there then!

Number one I never claimed to have an Elton autograph. U claim the one u sold Don H was real. Yet u won't post a picture that looks anything like it. But u have them right? U just don't care enough to post them. Lol. Show me a single time when I claimed to ever have an Elton. U can't. Just like u can't admit that ur autograph u sold was questionable. Ud rather just sit there and complain about everyone else. I like how MM hasn't even posted on here and dropped it long ago but u still bring the dude in this. Dude left the site because of u. I'm not interested in making u look bad. I'm interested in having u show a picture that looks like the one u sold. U could be Billy bob Joe for all I care.

I've taken Taylor off the list-on suspension temporarily for 2 weeks.  If he wants back on in 2 weeks, he can petition to come back on, but only under the circumstances that he is not going to harass anyone.

Taylor, MM is still on the forum (and I am glad of that).  While it was nice you to take up his effort on the other thread, the WAY you went about it, and how your talking to Gary now is harassing.  And it won't be tolerated. 



Thank you for this, the guy Taylor is just a keyboard warrior and wants to cause trouble

MM and me have spoken privately and I have nothing more to say, We are friends and our problems have been resolved

Thank you for your update




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