Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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Can you post a picture? Did you get it from the official store? 

I just received shipping info back from Beckett, I’ll post an image of it when I receive the order back. I did purchase this from the official Elton John store and had it shipped over from the Uk

Short of having the guy sign in front of you, that's about the best provenance you can get though. 

Honestly, recent Elton John CDs are the ones I wish were authentic, but know almost certainly aren't. Despite having signed such a large amount I think there is no video of Elton signing (correct me if I'm wrong) and there are only videos of Elton holding a CD that was already signed, so it could have been signed by someone before.

Artists can always pose signing one CD for PR, doesn't mean they sign hundreds or even less thousands. I think doubts arise because of the quantities sold. What about the full signatures cards? 

Yeah, I always had in my mind on this that there was some jiggery pokery going on.

Would be a perfect cap off to the month, to find out the EJs were also not legit lol…I’m on the side that they’re ok but agree the whole thing was sort of weird 

Would they actually call him down to where they were getting signed just to pose with one CD and leave though? I feel like if they aren't real they wouldn't call him just to do a single picture. If he's going to be there anyway, why not just sign at least a couple hundred while you're there? I think at least some are 100% real and maybe the rest are fake? Or they could all be real, who knows.

Agreed, possible that some got legit signed and others not. 

Beckett is just an opinion, like we all have an opinion. They are not without fault.

Recently there was an Ian McKellen private signing which was supposed to be Beckett witnessed. The items came back signed & Beckett certed, but it turned out it was a scam and the autographs were all fake. Sir Ian McKellen himself confirmed that.

So not only did they certify a whole batch of fakes, they claimed to have witnessed the signing while the artist was never even there. And then kept silent about it afterwards.

Things like that make me feel the authentication companies are just as bad as the publishers, record labels and even some artists themselves.

They're definitely wrong plenty of times, I've seen stuff being signed with my own eyes, then had it fail Beckett and PSA quick opinion. 


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