Good morning to everyone! I'm Matt and I'm an Elvis Fan.

I want to ask You what do You think about this autograph of the King?

It's dedicated to a person with MY name!!! I think You can understand how is difficult to keep the right detachment to judge it. (I'm sorry for the low quality but is the only one picture I have).

Thanks to everyone who will help me.

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not very clear but has some positive characteristics

Thank You Terrier!!!

I think that the "M" of Matt is very strange.. He used to write a "m" with three humps.. not two..

And.. why writing on vertical lines?


I agree with Terrier, but I would not consider an autograph unless there were large, clear photos available. They often involve scams.

Thank You Steve, I asked a High resolution picture..

I will share it when I'll receive it!

Im wouldn't put too much emphasis on the humps. the writing looks correct, even the crossing of the tt's. but again, its not a clear photo so can't see much detail

Thank you so much Terrier. I hope to receive very soon a bigger picture. Good night
I found this old post
I think the first autograph is signed by the same hand... mmh..
..and I'm still waiting the bigger picture.. maybe I'm too suspicious but Elvis is always a big risk.. mmh..

I received the pictures few minutes ago...

Elvis was definitely not here.

Thank You so much Steve... You saved me by a waste of money!

What is the element that makes you say no?

Something specific or a combination of factors?

It could be interesting for other people!

IMHO the signature is interesting...

the "To" in not bad.. maybe a little squared...

but the M of Matt doesn't convince me.

In the letter to Nixon I found different types of "M" but no like this.

Here are some Elvis M: 

Maybe the "M" in Memphis is similar.. but not the same.. 

Can You help me? Thank You so much!!!



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