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I kinda like it.  I think so

I'm with Steve on this one...

thank you guys

I don't like it because:

1) the slash either underlining the "yours" or dotting the 'i'.

2) The unusually wide gap between Elvis and Presley. Typically, a gap this wide will have the letter "A" in between (documents/checks).

3) Formation of the "El". Crushed is fine, but the way in which these two letters are merged here seem very untypical.

4) Distance separating the "P" from the "resley".

5) Formation of the "P"; path of the ink.

6) Looks like the merging of two Elvis styles.

Any one of these points might not kill it for me, but the accumulation of 1-6 does.

Of course, this might be a "running off the stage", Elvis autograph drive by, palm supported, not a firm hold on the pen. None the less, I'd have to see it signed myself to make a believer out of me on this one.


thanks for your explanation

Can you post the entire piece it's signed on?


I have only this picture. Owner said that this is was signed on vintage sheet... I don't know what type of the paper. Maybe this is an album page or something like that...


I'd pass on any autograph that the owner won't send an image of the entire object it's on, front and back. No matter how close it looked.

It's rare for an Elvis not to be signed on his memorabilia, a check, contract, letter, or a printed item someone might have had in their hand when they met him. The one you posted looks signed on something like old book paper or blank stationery, and it will usually show signs of handled, which this doesn't.

Yours doesn't look aged 50-60 years in any case, which is the typical age of an Elvis of similar style, so I'd be especially cautious. 

As for the autograph itself, spacing between Elvis and Presley is way too wide, like Woody said. And I agree with most of his other points.


Thank you! I appreciate it. Unfortunately I'm not an expert... But I found one pretty similar an autograph. I don't maybe I'm wrong...

Look at this.

Source: RR Auction

Hi Tom,

That one is unusually wide. Not as wide as the other, but a more spacing than normal without a middle name or initial.

Great image Tommy...

Side by side the similarities are plain to see and with your second image coming directly from RR Auction......well...

The slash under the word "yours" is simply the dotting the the letter "i"...

And I've never seen Elvis sign a simple autograph Elvis A. Presley"...for legal documents yes but for a fan encounter no...

I still confident you've got a good example in your first posting...

And as  far as the formation of the letters in your first example...remember that not every signature is penned under "ideal" circumstances...see below...

Guess who??







This one looks to be in fountain pen, the original one posted at the top in ballpoint. Spacing here is no where as exaggerated as the first one, the El completely different, as is the path of the line of the "P". And this one is legible, vs. illegible, "Presley" perfectly spelled out with clearly defined letters, as is somewhat the "Elvis". Ideal vs. difficult signing conditions, it's still a stretch for me to see both the top and this example as being by the same author. Dots and slashed dots have always disturbed me as well, you see so few of them on EPs with strong provenance and equally strong authentication.  



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