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Hello everyone,
This is from my personal collection. I bought this autograph a couple of months ago.
I wanna know your opinion. What do you think about this? For me it's looks genuine...


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I found this (it's autograph with certificate from JSA). Also so many letters in "Elvis".

Hey Timofey, is it a photograph? Or what else?

INHO.. Doesn't look 100% ok, to me.. I would like to know much about it..

This autograph located on piece of paper (approximately 3'5x3 inch).  I don't know what is this paper. Looks like paper from postcard or paper from sleeve of old vinyl record. It's hard to determine what kind of paper.

I'm not an expert and after I saw the certification above , I decide to give up..

The signature with COA looks forgery to me!

I'm afraid I can't help you..  you need an expert!

Can somebody  help? Roger Epperson?

This is one more example. Do you think JSA can be wrong about authentication?

No, no..

I'm just saying that my (few) certainties are refuted by the certificates and so I assume that I am not sufficiently expert to make judgments. :o(

Perhaps they have been written in times of trouble .. I know that Elvis occasionally made ​​mistakes also in the signing official acts, particularly if excited, as in the divorce agreement ..

I guess Elvis had a very terrible handwriting.
Some autographs which I saw in Internet was with incomprehensible handwriting (with COA from JSA or PSA / DNA). But I think it's only my opinion...

I think it's possible JSA could be wrong. They wrong often on signatures outside of the sports world.

Wow... It's very sad if JSA could be wrong... I don't knew about it.

They wouldn't be at the top of my list to authenticate an Elvis signature.

It turns out that no one can give a 100% guarantee of authenticity autograph? :(


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