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Hello everyone,
This is from my personal collection. I bought this autograph a couple of months ago.
I wanna know your opinion. What do you think about this? For me it's looks genuine...


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I think they look odd. Maybe JSA knows something we don't. They could very well be ok.

I agree.. they look strange… but that does not mean they are not real. 

Speed $15 on Roger - worth every penny!


Yeah... OK, it's good idea! Thanks!

Maybe, maybe...

Good news!
I have just received a letter from Rich Consola.
He said: "The autograph you sent me signed, "Elvis Presley" is an authentic autograph."

AWESOME!  Congrats! 


Thanks, Mark! I will get LOA :)

Also he added, when I asked about year of autograph:
"Hard to tell, but my best estimate would be late 50s, '58 or '59. Somewhere in that vicinity, anyway."

Perhaps this is autograph from army years :)
I'm really glad!

ino its not real the E is wrong he singed the I over the v and the Pdoes  not run nto the name and the Presley is totally wrong

Thanks for your opinion. But I have expert opinion.
Rich Consola has studied Elvis Presley’s handwriting and signature for nearly 20 years, which has placed him in the forefront of Presley authenticators worldwide.
You can read about this person on site PSA/DNA.
Anyway thanks for your opinion.


You get your opinion from an emailed photograph or did you send it in person to be looked at?

Second question: Is Rich Consola sending you something that says he thinks the signature is authentic or everyone just taking your word on it?

I sent him many photos from different angles.
This is his quote after expertise:
"The autograph you sent me signed, "Elvis Presley" is an authentic autograph."
Next I plan to send this autograph in PSA / DNA or JSA.
Or you can offer other company (expertise)?


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