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Hello everyone,
This is from my personal collection. I bought this autograph a couple of months ago.
I wanna know your opinion. What do you think about this? For me it's looks genuine...


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I called R & R and they send theirs to PSA/DNA   if you buy from them that is where you get the best Cert. and the DNA is not like the police use it is just checked for the auto no one can set up to check DNA it would cost them a couple of million dollars to do so. So if you want it certified send it to PSA/DNA.com    Dennis

OK. Thanks for your information.

ask R & R about this person and they have heard of him but he is not certified by the Autograph collector Society.  Dennis

OK. I'm found information about Rich Consola (also found Roger Epperson) on site RR auction.
Thank you for clarify this information. Anyway Rich Consola work in PSA / DNA he is expert of Elvis in this company (it is written on website PSA). Accordingly, they cooperate.


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