Elvis Presley Autograph on ebay with positive Roger Epperson Quick Opinion. Is this real?

Elvis Autograph on ebay. Seller confirms that he has received a positive - the signature looks good - quick opinion from Roger Epperson. Can it really be? What is your opinion? Thank you all.

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I don’t like it, the inscription doesn’t look like his usual flourish.

It would surprise me if Roger gave his approval to this

Is it possible that the seller is not telling the truth about Roger ok'ing this?  

I am with you. The inscription doesn‘t look right to me either. This is not Elvis handwriting. Did Roger actually see this autograph at all? I also have my doubts. Thank you Richard and Don. 

agree.  would be nice to hear from Roger on this

The autograph has just been sold on ebay for 522 euros / 618 US dollars. If the buyer only knew what he just bought here. OMG.

You can see where they have stopped and started again

Thank you all. 


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